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About Us

We Can't Wait To Bring Back Magical Childhoods


My name is Julia Graves

I have been an educator for over 30 years and it is my greatest joy to specialize in Infant and Toddler development. I am the former Owner  and  Administrator of Little Einstein Learning Center. After retiring in 2021 I am absolutely thrilled to begin this new journey  creating an environment where  young children thrive and develop a love for learning, and a sense of wonder and discovery about the world we live in.

I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, protecting the environment, learning from nature, and early education, I feel blessed to be able to bring all of these passions into Three Little Mockingbirds to create an holistic, healthy, and unique early learning environment. Three Little Mockingbirds is truly an extension of my heart and my family and I’m so proud of everything we stand for.

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Playful Mother and Daughter


We desire to create an environment where families can feel at home and where children feel that they are truly in a place of comfort, joy, and serenity. Children deserve a beautiful haven where the environment calms nerves, stimulates minds, and inspires natural creativity. We are here to inspire children to achieve the greatness that is inside each of them and to receive inspiration from each child to never cease creating more unique experiences.                       

Every day should be a new day of discovery in the eyes of a child. They should feel excited for each day they are alive, and that the world has something amazing to offer them. Whether it be an earthworm in the mud, or a flower that has just bloomed in the garden, nothing should go unnoticed. To a child, everyday life is a gift.

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