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Baby with Toys

Welcome to

Three Little Mockingbirds

Holistic Learning Center

Our Vision

The first social experience away from home shapes the way the child sees the world from that point on.  Each child should feel important and loved in his or her environment. Children realize that they have something special to share with their world on each given day; it is our role to allow the child to naturally bring forth what they have inside of them. Children deserve quality, beauty, and greatness. It is vital to introduce a young child to beautiful surroundings where they learn to be graceful and respectful. Our carefully planned experience and wondrous environment will create a genuine love of life.



Caring for your child in a safe and nurturing environment is our top priority.  Making sure that your child meets all their developmental domains and to have  an environment that allows your child to openly explore and play in an uninterrupted environment.  Your baby will learn about the world around them by exploring through play.  Our caregivers understand that your child needs a safe and interesting environment to make discoveries that will help build their development and learning.


In our Toddler room we teach grace, courtesy and independence. We introduce these concepts at this impressionable time by using modeling and consistency. This means that we are careful to behave how we would like the children to behave. We keep our materials simple - focusing on textures, shapes and weights - and limit the number of items available at any given time.



Baby's Hand

Our Approach

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we have designed a unique curriculum that allows for the natural child to unfold in a stimulating and comfortable environment. Each set of roots on the earth is naturally wild. Just as roots are allowed by Mother Nature to flow freely, the natural child wants freedom to follow his individual instincts. We understand that children learn best when they are given the freedom to learn what their heart desires in a manner that suits them best.

Get to Know Us

Three Little Mockingbirds provides an early life experience that will lay the foundation for a beautiful outlook on the world. We aim to provide the natural child with a safe and prepared environment to learn what the mind and heart desires, while encouraging each to discover what makes him unique. Our Holistic Learning Center will prepare children to become capable, proactive, confident human beings with social grace and peaceful attitudes. We build children’s character by developing their intellect and spirit through practical work, natural play, and creative art.

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